Friday 28th to Sunday 30th September 2018
Holiday Inn, Brentford Lock, London


A Thank You From Sally

As a thank you for donating to to Sally Knyvette's 25K walk this weekend, Cygnus Alpha has teamed up with artist extraordinaire Damien May. For the first 100 people who donate £10 or more to Sally, you will receive a limited edition signed print as a thank you. 

Please note that it is only one per person!

In order to claim your signed print, all we ask is that you send proof of your donation via email to and we will send you a PayPal request to cover the postage. We will be asking for £3.00 and any money left over will be donated.  

You will receive your signed print in a few weeks time once Sally has recovered!



Due to work commitments, Dicken Ashworth is no longer able to attend Whooverville on Saturday 2nd of September.

However not all is lost! I am happy to announce that actor Daniel Hill will be attending. Daniel played Chris Parsons in the classic Doctor Who story Shada.

Along with Daniel will be his wife, Olivia Hill who worked on Shada as a production assistant and then again in Castrovalva.

Autographs will be £10 each and look out for special offers!


Cygnus Alpha 4.0 event update


With over a year to go until Cygnus Alpha 4.0, we are happy to announce that over half the tickets have now gone. We would also like to remind that attendees of Cygnus Alpha 3 have until 1st of September 2017 to claim their 10% discount!


We have decided to keep further guest announcements top secret for the moment so that Federation spies do not report back! We will begin announcing guests on Tuesday 2nd January 2018, the 40th anniversary day! We will the announce a subsequent guest the following Tuesday. We already have a further 9 confirmed guests to reveal, some of which are series regulars, guest actors making their convention debuts and behind the scenes people!


It is with great pleasure that we welcome back the lovely Gary Holland along with his impressive display of original costumes from the series.  We are looking to host the biggest ever collection of original costumes. If you have any original costumes that you would like to display, please contact us.


We will be dedicating an entire area of the event over to the writers of the Big Finish Blake's 7 range. We will start to announce names from January 2018.


We will be hosting evening entertainment on both the Friday and Saturday nights of the event. More details will come in the new year, including the Saturday night 3 course evening meal. There will be an additional charge for this. Full details including food options and the price will be confirmed in January 2017.


People who have fully paid for their tickets will receive the booking code by this weekend. We have been waiting on final confirmations of the hotel. Please remember that there are near by alternative hotels.


Sadly the transport ship London will not be taking you to Cygnus Alpha. If you are looking to come to the event using public transport (Trains and Plans), contact us as we may be able to offer you money saving tips on your transport.


We will be creating a secret Facebook group which attendees will be able to join and interact with one another. Again this will be a secret group so that the Federation spies can't see what is going on! You will be contacted via email over the next week or so with details of this group.

And the next guest is...

Joining us at Cygnus Alpha 4.0 is actor John Leeson. John appeared twice in the series. First as Pascon in 'Mission to Destiny' (series 1) and then as Toise in 'Gambit' (series 2).

Vivienne Cozens for Cygnus Alpha 4.0

It is with great pleasure that we can now announce that the director of 'Games' and 'Sand', Vivienne Cozens will be joining us for the celebrations at Cygnus Alpha 4.0 


Guest announcement for Cygnus Alpha 4.0

Joining us at Cygnus Alpha 4.0 in September 2018 is John Ainsworth. John is the current producer (and director) for the Big Finish Blake's 7 audio range. John will be there telling us what actually goes in the recording studio and if how legendary the Big Finish lunches are!


Cygnus Alpha 4.0 Launched

Tickets for Cygnus Alpha 4.0 are now on sale. The event is taking place on from Friday 28th September until Sunday 30th September 2018 at the Holiday Inn, Brentford Lock, London.

Full weekend tickets cost £140. Please see the tickets page to get your ticket and get information regarding the payment plan.

Also we can announce the first of out guests. Click on the guest section of the website to find out who is coming along!

Hope to see you all there!

Cygnus Alpha 3 Schedule and general information

With just over a week to go until Cygnus Alpha 3, we can reveal the schedule of the day!

09:00-10:15              Doors open and registration

10:15-10:30              Photo studio with Daniel Hill, Judy Buxton, Carol Royle & Jane Sherwin


10:30-11:30              Interview with Daniel Hill, Judy Buxton, Carol Royle & Jane Sherwin


11:30-13:00              Signing with Daniel Hill, Judy Buxton, Carol Royle & Jane Sherwin


13:00-13:20              Photo studio with Dicken Ashworth, Jenny Oulton, David Baillie, David Quilter & David Gillies


13:20-14:20              Interview with Dicken Ashworh, Jenny Oulton, David Baillie, David Quilter & David Gillies


14:20-16:00              Signing with Jenny Oulton, David Baillie, David Quilter, David Gillies & Dicken Ashworth*


16:00- 16:15             Photo studio with Sally Knyvette, Jan Chappell & Steven Pacey


16:15-17:30              Signing with Sally Knyvette, Jan Chappell & Steven Pacey


17:30- 18:30             Interview with Sally Knyvette, Jan Chappell & Steven Pacey


18:30                          Raffle and goodbye.

General Event Information

Parkinson’s UK Charity Raffle & Krantor’s Sweepstake


It’s time for Krantor’s Sweepstake. This is where for £2.00 a go, you can be entered into a sweepstake to see if your ticket will become ticket number 1!  This means you will be first in line for autographs.


There will also be a charity raffle. Prizes this year include a signed Liberator bracelet and a very special secret prize!  Tickets are 50p each or £2 a strip.

Jan Chappell will be auctioning off an item from her own collection for her own charity.

Bonus Guest


Dicken Ashworth is a bonus guest and autographs from him are not included. In order to get an autograph you will need to buy a red token for £10.00 from Orac’s shop.

Photo studio


There will be three separate Photo studios will be taking place just outside of the main room. Tokens will need to be bought in advance and then handed over at the photo studio

The cost of an 8x10 photo with 1 guest will cost £10.00.

The cost of an 8x10 photo group shot will cost £20.00.

There will also be a reunion photo of Dicken Ashworth and Jenny Oulton. This will cost £15.00.


Extra Autographs


If you wish to buy extra autographs, you will need to buy coloured tokens from Orac’s shop.

£5.00 Green token guests: Judy Buxton, Jane Sherwin, Daniel Hill, David Gillies, David Quilter & Jenny Oulton

£10.00 Blue token guests: Carol Royle, David Bailie, Steven Pacey, Jan Chappell & Sally Knyvette.

Orac's Shop

There will be a selection of 8x10 photos for sale. These will cost £5.00 each. There will also be a selection of signed photos and posters for sale. Please note we can only take cash on the day.

And Finally...

We politely ask that you do not film during the event and photos are not permitted during the signing sessions with the guests.


Guest update

Sadly Claire Lewis is unable to join us at Cygnus Alpha 3. However, we can now announce that actor David Gillies will be joining us. David played Hob in "Rumours of Death".


Candace Glendenning Private Signing

We are happy to announce a private signing with actress Candace Glendenning. Candace played Rashel in "Weapon."

Attendees can purchase autographs for £10.00 each. Own items to be signed must reach us by Saturday the 25th of March.

Non Attendees can purchase autographs for £15.00 each by going to Orac's shop.



And the final guest is...

The final guest for Cygnus Alpha 3 is actor Dicken Ashworth. Dicken played Gunn-Sar in "Power". Dicken is a "bonus" guest and autographs are not included. Autographs will cost £10.

Dicken will take part in a duo photo shoot along with Jenny Oulton and they will also be on the same interview panel.


The 11th guest is...

Joining us at Cygnus Alpha 3 is actress Jenny Oulton. Jenny played Nina in the series 4 episode "Power". This will be her first Blake's 7 event.


Lorna Heilbron Private Signing

Sadly Lorna Heilbron is unable to make Cygnus Alpha 3 but she has kindly agreed to do a private signing. Lorna played Sula who turned out to Avon's love interest, Anna Grant in "Rumours of Death".

Attendees of Cygnus Alpha 3 can purchase autographs for £5.00 each. This can be either an 8x10 photo print or your own item signed. Please use the links below to make you purchases.

Non attendees can purchase 8x10 prints or have own items signed for £10.00 a signature. You can buy these in Orac's Shop.

Please note that all personal items must reach us by Friday 17th March. Attendees will be able to pick up their items at the event and non attendees will have their items sent to them shortly after the event.

Sally Teleports in!

The next guest to be announced for Cygnus Alpha 3 is actress Sally Knyvette. Sally played Jenna in series 1 and 2.


Orac's Shop now open

If you are unable to make Cygnus Alpha 3 but you are wanting a signed photo or your own item signing, then Orac's shop is the place to go.

You will also find signed photos from previous events for sale. Keep coming back as more will be added soon.


Competition time!

Everyone who buys a ticket before Monday the 20th February 2017 will be entered into a prize draw. Prizes will be signed photos from Josette Simon, Glynis Barber and Michael Keating. 5 attendees will be chosen at random on Monday at 8pm. Get your ticket now!

And the 9th guest is...

Actress Claire Lewis will be joining us at Cygnus Alpha 3. Claire played Zil in "Trial".


And the next guest is...

Actor David Quilter will be joining us at Cygnus Alpha 3. David played The Tracer in "Traitor".


Seventh Guest Announced

Joining the line impressive line up at Cygnus Alpha 3 is actor David Bailie. David played Chevner in "Project Avalon".


Sixth Guest Announced

Joining us at Cygnus Alpha 3 is actress Carol Royle. Carol played the Mutoid in "Duel". This will be Carol's first ever Blake's 7 event.


Tom Chadbon Private signing update

Due to an unforeseen change in availability, Tom Chadbon is unable to take part in the private signing. He sends his apologies and he is sad to disappoint everyone. He hopes that everyone enjoys the event on the day and thanks you all for your understanding.

Refunds for extra autographs that have been purchased will be processed this weekend.

Fifth Guest revealed

The fifth guest to be announced for Cygnus Alpha 3 is actress Jane Sherwin. Jane played "Kasabi" in Pressure Point.


And the Fourth Guest Is...

It's with great pleasure that Jan Chappell will be joining us at Cygnus Alpha 3. Jan played Cally in series 1,2 and 3.


Third Guest for Cygnus Alpha 3

The third guest for Cygnus Alpha 3 is actor Daniel Hill. Daniel played 'Chasgo' in the series 4 episode Sand.


An Afternoon With Josette Simon OBE

I would just like to thank everyone who came to the event yesterday. I am sure you will agree with me when say how wonderful Josette was. She really enjoyed herself and I hope you did as well. The raffle raised over £100 for Parkinson's UK. Congratulations to the winner.

Final thanks go to the team of people who helped run the event. Thanks guys.


Second Guest for Cygnus Alpha 3

We are excited to announce that actress Judy Buxton will be joining us for Cygnus Alpha 3 on the 1st of April 2017. Judy played Inga in the episode "Hostage".


An Afternoon With Josette Simon OBE

Sunday 2nd October 2016 at The Lost Theatre

Cygnus Alpha are please to announce it's first "Afternoon With" Events and the first guest for this is actress Josette Simon OBE. Click on the above tab for full information and tickets.


First Guest Revealed

Sadly at the last event Steven Pacey could not make it. However it is with great pleasure that we can announce that Steven will be joining us for Cygnus Alpha 3. Steven is best known for playing Tarrant in series 3 and 4.

Tickets now available

Tickets for Cygnus Alpha 3 are now on sale! Limited to 100 and like at the last event, the sooner you buy your ticket the sooner you will be called up to get your autographs.

We will also be running Krantor's sweep stake once again. This is where you have the chance to become ticket number 1 on the day for £2.00! This will go towards Parkinson's UK.

Click on the ticket tab to order your ticket.


It is time to board 'The London' and head back to Cygnus Alpha!

So what's new? First of all, we have a new venue which is at The Musical Museum in Brentford. This is a two minute walk from the 2016 venue. Click on the the venue tab for full details.

Tickets will be strictly limited to 100 and remain at the price of £50.00

It is a little to early to announce guests but if you attended the previous 2 events you know exactly what is in store for you! 

Tickets go on sale on September 1st 2016.

The date for next year's event can now be revealed. Cygnus Alpha 3 will take place on Saturday April 1st 2017. Full details including ticket prices will go live on the 1st of September 2016.



Meet Michael

Attendees at Derby's regular Doctor Who event, Whooverville will be in for a treat as Michael Keating will be appearing as a sponsored  guest. You can buy your tickets from

Michael will be taking part in an onstage interview, photo studio and signing*. There will also be other Blake's 7 merchandise available.

There will be a charge of £10 per signature.


Maximum Power!

We are now only a few days away and it is time to reveal the last surprise! During the signing sessions, you will be able to have your photo taken on the Liberator Flight Deck whilst wearing a Liberator Bracelet and holding a Federation Gun. What a fantastic opportunity and this will cost £5.00 for an 8x10 print which you get to take away with you as a memento. You will need to buy a Green token and hand this over at the photo studio for this offer!



It is just a few days to go until the event and below you will find some last minute helpful information regarding the event:

Photo Studio

As previously mentioned the photo studio will be a life size Liberator Flight Deck kindly provided by Phil Stevens.

The cost of a solo guest photo shoot is £10.00 per picture (With the exception of Glynis Barber who is £15.00). The cost of the group shot where you will be able to stand in the flight deck will be £20.00 per picture.

Glynis Barber

As you know Glynis Barber is a ‘Sponsored guest’. This means that you will need to by a red token in order to get her signature. Red tokens can also be used for Glynis’ solo photo shoot. A red token can be used to claim an autograph or photo with Glynis Barber.

Extra Autographs

Extra autographs will be available from all the guests. These will cost either £5.00 or £10.00 per signature. You will need to purchase a token in advance either during the registration or from Orac’s shop on the day.

Below is a list of autograph extra prices…

£5.00- Green Token Guests

Bill Lyons, Colin Davies, Dee Kelly Robson, Roger Murray-Leach, Sasha Mitchell, Ania Marson, Alistair Lock and Derek Smith.

£10.00- Blue Token Guests

Paul Darrow, Michael Keating, Jacqueline Pearce and Stephen Greif.

Charity Raffle and Auction

Raffle tickets will be on sale throughout the day. The raffle will be drawn at the end of the event. Below is a list of prizes…

A3 poster signed by all of the guests

A3 poster set signed by Jacqueline Pearce, Glynis Barber and Steven Pacey.

8x10 signed print from Paul Darrow, Michael Keating and Steven Pacey.

8x10 prints signed by Sally Knyvette, Gareth Thomas and Jan Chappell.

Lucky dip of 8x10 autographs (8 in total)

Children of the Stones Audio CD

From Byfleet to the Bush paperback and audio (Signed)

8x10 print signed by Steven Pacey, Josette Simon and Chris Boucher

Liberator Bracelet signed by Paul Darrow, Michael Keating, Jacqueline Pearce, Glynis Barber and Steven Grief.


There will be an auction for a replica Federation Blaster. There is a reserve price of £100. Kindly donated by Alex Jackson.


The event will be taking place at The Watermans Centre,40 High Street, Brentford, West London, TW8 0DS.

There is onsite parking which will cost £5.00 for the day. There will only be 50 spaces on the day and will be first come first served. There are other car parks near by.


Bus 65, 237, 267 stop outside Watermans, and the stop is announced as 'the Watermans Centre'.

Tube: South Ealing (Piccadilly) and Gunnersbury (District) at about 1 mile (Zone 3). From Gunnersbury station take the 237 bus to the Waterman’s Centre. From South Ealing take the 65 Bus to the Waterman’s Centre

Train: Kew Bridge & Brentford (trains from Waterloo) are a 10-minute walk. Kew Bridge Station is the easiest to walk from.

Doors open at 9am. See you on the day.


With just a few weeks until the event, we can now reveal the schedule for the day. Please see below for the full running oder of the day...

9:00am                                                 Doors open and registration

10:20-11:00                                        Welcome and interview with Bill Lyons, Colin Davis, Dee Kelly Robson & Roger Murray-Leach

11:00-11:30                                        Photo studio with Bill Lyons, Colin Davis, Dee Kelly Robson & Roger Murray-Leach

11:30-13:30                                        Autograph session in signing area 1 with Bill Lyons, Colin Davis, Dee Kelly Robson and Roger Murray-Leach

12:00-14:00                                       Autograph session in signing area 2 with Paul Darrow, Michael Keating & Stephen Greif

14:00-14:30                                       Photo studio with Sasha Mitchell, Alistair Lock, Ania Marson & Derek Smith.

14:30-15:00                                       Photo studio with Paul Darrow, Michael Keating, Jacqueline Pearce, Stephen Greif & Glynis Barber

15:00-15:50                                       Interview with Paul Darrow, Michael Keating, Jacqueline Pearce, Stephen Greif and Glynis Barber

15:50-17:30                                       Autograph session in signing area 1 with Jacqueline Pearce and Glynis Barber

15:50-18:00                                       Autograph session in signing area 2 with Sasha Mitchell, Alistair Lock, Ania Marson & Derek Smith

18:00-18:30                                       Interview with Sasha Mitchell, Alistair Lock, Ania Marson & Derek Smith.

18:30                                                   Raffle and goodbye


Cygnus Alpha

It is with huge thanks to Damien May that we can now announce that all attendees will receive an A4 print featuring characters from the episode. Thanks again Damien for being so generous!

There will also be a selection of A3 posters and 8x10 photos for sale at the event. Look out for special offers and exclusives including an A3 poster signed by Stephen Pacey.

Special offers include a free A3 poster when you buy £50 worth of 8x10 photos.


Travis returns!

The final guest for Cygnus Alpha 2 is actor Stephen Greif. Steven is remembered for playing 'Travis' in season one and is looking forward to being reunited with his "Favourite" Mutoid and his Supreme Commander at the event.


Krantor's Sweepstake 

There is just over a month to go until Cygnus Alpha 2. Ahead of the final guest being announced, it has been decided that the first of the extra surprises taking place at the event can now be revealed.

During the registration process, all ticket holders will have the chance to take part in a charity sweepstake.

For £2.00 you will be able to enter and the prize is the upgrade to ticket number 1!

This will mean that you will be first up to get your autographs and first in the photo studio sessions. 

Each ticket holder is limited to one entry only so everyone will have the same chance in winning. All you have to do is enter! The draw will take place just before the first activity of the day. 


It's a sell out!

Cygnus Alpha 2 has now sold out! Thank you to everyone who has bought a ticket. The final guest will be announced on 1st March 2016. 

If you were hoping to come to the event, then please email in as there may be chance of returns. You will be put on a list and contacted as soon as one comes available. 


Eleventh & Twelfth Guests Revealed

Joining us at Cygnus Alpha 2 is actress Ania Marson. Ania played 'Geela' in "The Web". This is the first convention appearance for Ania.

As well as Ania, actor Derek Smith will be joining us as well. Derek played the memorable 'Largo' in the series 2 episode "Shadow". This also is Derek's first Blake's 7 convention.

Last few tickets remaining!


Tenth Guest Announced

Joining us at Cygnus Alpha 2 is actor Alistair Lock. Alistair provides the voices of Orac and Zen for the Big Finish Blake's 7 audio range. Alistair is looking forward to leaving the confines of his studio and meeting you all on the day!



We are now 12 weeks until Cygnus Alpha 2 and it is time for an update! First of all let's start with some important dates for your diaries...

The private signing for Steven Pacey will close on the 1st of February 2016. Those of you who bought tickets before the 30th of November will receive a free 8x10 signed print at the event. If you wish for any other items to be signed please click on the links in Orac's Shop.

Getting To Cygnus Alpha 2

Cheap train tickets will soon be made available for those of you coming by train. With this in mind doors for the event will open at 9:00am but don't worry, the first part of the day will start at 10:30am and the event will aim to finish at 6:30pm. Get booking those cheap train tickets now. The nearest mainline station is Kew Bridge with regular services to London Waterloo.

Photo Studio Update

All the guests attending will be taking part in the photo studio sessions. A single shot with a single guest will cost £10.00 and a group shot with you and up to 4 guests will cost £20.00. The 8x10  photos will be ready for you to take straight away and you will be able to order a JPEG directly from the photographer who will email it to you! More news about the photo studio will be announced in the next few weeks!

Using your own cameras or phones during the signing sessions will not be permitted due to time constraints. However if there is time you will be invited to take these photos in return for a donation for charity, which again this year will be Parkinson's UK.

Extra Autographs

Your ticket gets you two autographs from each of the guests (Except sponsored guests). If you wish to purchase extra autographs, these will cost from £5.00-£10.00 per signature. Glynis Barber's autograph will be £15.00 per signature.

I can't make the event but want an autograph from a guest!

Don't worry! Just head over to Orac's Shop and click on the link.

Charity Raffle

A Raffle will be taking place to raise money for Parkinson's UK. Some exciting prizes will be on offer!


Private Signing Offer

Richard Yeoman-Clarke was part of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and provided the special sound for 20 episodes of Blake's 7. Sadly Richard is unable to join us at Cygnus Alpha 2 but there will be a private signing. Each signature will cost £5.00. You can either order a 8x10 signed print or have your own item signed. Items will be returned at the event. Personal items must be sent by 01/03/2016! Go to Orac's Shop to place your order.


Sponsored Soolin

You may have just seen actress Glynis Barber return to Eastenders and now you will be able to see her in person as she makes a rare convention appearance at Cygnus Alpha 2.

Glynis is a sponsored guest. This means that her autograph is not included in the ticket price. In order to get a signature from Glynis there will be a charge of £15.00 per signature. 

Stand by for more inclusive guest announcements and another 'private signing' opportunity with a someone who had a huge input into the show! 

Happy New Year! 


Event update

Cygnus Alpha 2 just got bigger! Work and negotiations have been taking place and this will allow another 20 people to attend! Tickets are almost at the 100 mark and we don't want people to miss out.

If you are unable to make the event and you want your own piece of merchandise signed or a dedicated 8x10 picture, then you can do this by going to Orac's Shop. The shop has now been fully updated so you can make your purchases.

New Years day will see another guest announcement at 8:30pm!


Eighth Guest Revealed

Today is the birthday of the wonderful Jacqueline Pearce and what better day to announce that she will be joining us at Cygnus Alpha 2.

Remember you get two autographs from each of the inclusive guests! 


Seventh Guest Revealed 

Coming back to Cygnus Alpha (for more pain and suffering?) is actor Michael Keating. Michael played the memorable Vila and is excited to be reunited with Paul Darrow to experience more of the sarcastic put downs!

There are only 25 tickets remaining!


Sixth Guest Announcement

The next guest to be announced is costume designer Dee Kelly Robson. Dee worked on six episodes of the show creating some memorable costumes including the costumes for the first episode to feature the character 'Dayna'.


Fifth Guest Announcement

Joining us at Cygnus Alpha 2 is Colin Davis. Colin was the writer of the series 4 story 'Gold'. This is the first Blake's 7 event for Colin.


Fourth Guest Announcement 

The fourth guest to be revealed for Cygnus Alpha 2 is designer Roger Murray-Leach. Roger is fondly remembered for designing the iconic Liberator. As well as Roger there will be a replica of one of the Liberator control consoles which you will be able to stand in and have your photo taken with all the guests during the group shot sessions. There will be no extra charge for this! Thanks to Phil Stevens for providing this iconic prop.


Time is running out!

Just a quick reminder that you have until Monday 30th November to get your free 8x10 dedicated print from Steven Pacey when you buy your ticket. There are only 40 tickets remaining as 7pm this evening. So what are you waiting for? Get your ticket now!

Oh and another guest will be revealed on the 1st of December at 8pm!


Third Guest Announced

Joining us at Cygnus Alpha 2 will be the writer of 'Games', Bill Lyons. Before becoming a writer Bill was an actor and has many credits to his name. He still continues to write and is looking forward to being at the event.


Second Guest Announced 

The second guest for Cygnus Alpha 2 is the actress Sasha Mitchell. Sasha played 'Arlen' in the last episode 'Blake'. This is the first convention appearance for Sasha.



Steven can no longer make Cygnus Alpha 2 due to work commitments. However not all is lost! Steven will be taking part in a private signing for attendees of Cygnus Alpha 2 and now for the best bit...

For everyone who has bought a ticket to date they will receive a dedicated 8x10 signed print which they shall receive for free at the event! If you wish to be included in this offer then you must buy your ticket by Monday 30th November 2015 to get your free autograph!

Extra autographs will cost £10.00 and your own items can be sent in to get signed for £10.00 per item. These can be picked up from the event or sent in the post. You can get these from Orac's Shop.



It is with great excitement and pleasure that it can be now announced that the one and only Paul Darrow will be appearing at Cygnus Alpha 2! Paul is looking forward to seeing many of his loyal fan base. Paul will be taking part in the signing session, interview panel and photo studios.



On Monday the 2nd of November, the next guest will be announced and an update regarding the event will be announced. 


First Guest Announced!

It is with great pleasure that the first guest for Cygnus Alpha 2 has now announced! Steven Pacey who played "Tarrant" will be joining us on the 9th of April 2015. Will you? Tickets available now!  


The first of the many guests for Cygnus Alpha 2 will be announced on Monday 5th of October. 






Cygnus Alpha are happy to announce that they are taking director Vivienne Cozens the Blake’s 7 mini convention, Return to Gauda Prime 3. The event is taking place on Sunday 4th October 2015 at The Village Hall, Steventon, Oxfordshire. Vivienne will be a sponsored guest at the event. The cost of an autograph from Vivienne will be £5.00.

But that is not all! Cygnus Alpha will also have other Blake’s 7 goodies for sale during the day.

Full event details can be found at

Hope to see many of you there!



The website has been updated with information regarding Cygnus Alpha 2.

Click on the venue tab to get information regarding the new venue and how to find it.

Click on the Guests tab to see information regarding the guest line up.

Click on Orac's Shop to get your ticket and to see what you will get with your ticket purchase.

Please note there have been some small changes to how this event will run in order to improve on the huge success of Cygnus Alpha 1.



After the many requests for another Blake's 7 event, Cygnus Alpha will be coming back on Saturday April 9th 2016. The event will be taking place The Waterman Arts Centre 40 High Street, Brentford, London, TW8 0DS. The new venue has onsite parking!

I have taken on various pieces of feedback given from the first event and this event will only be better!

Tickets will go on sale Saturday 1st August 2015. Tickets are limited to 100 and will cost £50. The earlier you buy your ticket the earlier you will be called to get your autographs from the guests as you will be called in ticket order.

You will still get 2 autographs from each of the inclusive guests and guests will be signing for longer!

There will be more news regarding this event on 01/08/2015.

Hope many of you decide to come along once again!


Autograph update

Just to let you know that all autograph orders and those of you who handed in items have now been sent in the post. Items should start arriving later in the week. International orders will take longer. If you have any questions, please email.



Did you take any photos of the event? If you did, please email them in and I will put up the best ones on the website.


Cygnus Alpha

The Aftermath

Now that the dust has settled and the is car unpacked, it is time to reflect upon the event.

I know that some people may have lost out on getting autographs. The guests who had to leave at 5pm have agreed to sign up everyone’s items who handed them in. These will be signed and sent out as quickly as possible. I will update everyone via social media and the website with how this process is going. 

                                                    Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

Enough of the negative things, now onto the positive…

The event has raised over £300 for Parkinson’s UK. A huge thank you to all who bought raffle tickets and congratulations to the winners.

All the guests have said how much they enjoyed the event and how lovely each and every one of you were and it was only because of how much love and appreciation they felt by everyone that the last panel of the day was able to take place at their suggestion.

I have received lots of messages and emails over the last day or so from attendees saying how much they enjoyed the event. Thank you all for your messages, I will reply to them all soon.

I would like thank everyone who helped me to put on the event. It would not have been possible to run it without you. You were all amazing!

I would like to thank those who bought the costumes and Mat Irvine who bought lots of original props and models.

I would like to thank the staff of The Lost Theatre.

I have really enjoyed putting on my first event and all of the challenges that it presented. I have learnt a lot of things by doing it.

Thanks to all of you for coming and one last thank you needs to go to my wife who had to put up with me for the last few months. 

Thank you!



Stephen Signs!

Stephen will be signing up the remaining items this Saturday. They will be sent out in the post shortly afterwards.



I would like to appoligise to those attendes who did not get their signatures from Jan Chappell, Sally Knyvette and Stephen Grief. All Three actors will be signing up items that were handed in towards the end of the day. 

A full thank you and roundup of the event will be posted tomorrow. Orders through Orac's shop have ALL been completed and will be dispatched towards the end of the week


Orac's Shop

The following items will be available at the event from Orac's Shop...

8X10 PRINTS £5.00 each

A3 PRINTS £10.00 or 2 for £15.00
















RAFFLE TICKETS 50p per ticket or £2.00 a strip

*Limited stock!


Cygnus Alpha Running Order

10:00                             Doors Open

10:40-10:45                   Onstage Welcome                 

10:45-11:00                   Photo studio with Mat Irvine, Andrew Morgan, Vivenne Cozens and Nikki Dunsford 

11:00-11:45                   Onstage interview with Mat Irvine, Andrew Morgan, Vivenne Cozens and Nikki Dunsford 

11:45-12:45                   Signing session with Mat Irvine, Andrew Morgan, Vivenne Cozens and Nikki Dunsford* 

12:45-13:00                   Photo studio with Trevor Hoyle, Michael Mackenzie, Michael Gaunt, Adrienne Burgess, Mike Mungarvan.

13:00-13:45                   Interview with Trevor Hoyle, Michael Mackenzie, Michael Gaunt, Adrienne Burgess, Mike Mungarvan.

13:45-14:45                   Signings with Trevor Hoyle Michael Mackenzie, Michael Gaunt, Adrienne Burgess, Mike Mungarvan* 

14:45-15:10                   Photos with Brian Croucher, Stephen Greif, Gareth Thomas, Michael Keating, Sally Knyvette and Jan Chappell**  

15:10-16:00                   Interviews with Brian Croucher, Stephen Greif, Gareth Thomas, Michael Keating, Sally Knyvette and Jan Chappell

16:00-17:00                   Signings with Brian Croucher, Stephen Greif, Gareth Thomas, Michael Keating, Sally Knyvette and Jan Chappell

17:00-17:15                   Charity Raffle and Goodbye

* Mike Mungarvan and Nikki Dunsford are sponsored guests. To receive an autograph, from these guests, you will need to buy a blue autograph token in advance and give this to the person sitting with the guest.

* *Jan Chappell will only be taking part in the duo and group photo sessions.

Photo Studio

Each Photo studio will run in the following order: Group Shots (£15.00), Duo Shots (£10.00) and then Solo shots for £5.00  Please queue on the stage area when asked. Once you have had your photo taken follow the signs back into the main theatre as you may wish you rejoin the queue for another photo. Please have your tickets ready. Photos will be ready for the start of each autograph session. Jpegs and presentation wallets are available to purchase from the photo studio directly. £3.00 for a Jpeg and £1.00 for a wallet.


You will be called up to the main stage in groups. Please listen out for your number which will be on your schedule and join the queue when your number is called. Once you have got all of your autographs from the session please exit via the back of the stage and follow the signs which will take you back into the bar area, costume displays and main theatre.

Extra Autographs
The following guests will require a £5.00 red token if you would like more than your inclusive autographs...
Trevor Hoyle, Michael Mackenzie, Mat Irvine, Andrew Morgan, Michael Gaunt, Adrienne Burgess and Vivienne Cozens.

The following guests will require a £10.00 Green Token if you would like more than your inclusive autographs...
Brian Croucher, Stephen Greif, Gareth Thomas, Sally Knyvette, Jan Chappell, Michael Keating.

The following guests are sponsored so you will require a Blue Token to get their autograph. These will cost £5 each...
Mike Mungarvan and Nikki Dunsford

Some guests may have their own photos from their personal collection. If you wish to purchase one of theses, please pay the guest directly.

Book Launch
The new charity book, ‘Blake’s Heaven- Maximum Fan-Power’, is launching at the event. Various contributors to the book are attending the event. Copies of the book can be bought from the information desk, which you can then get signed for free. Contributors will be signing during the first two signing sessions in the costume display room on the second floor. If you already have a copy, they will sign that for you also for free.

Filming and photo policy 
Sadly there is to be no filming of the interviews. You make take photos, but please do not use the flash during the interviews. The taking of photos with the guests and yourself will only be permitted if time allows after the signing sessions. We would ask that you make a donation to Parkinson's UK for photos if you decide to do this.

Charity Raffle

There will be a raffle in aid of Parkinson’s UK. Tickets cost 50p each or £2.00 for a strip, available from the information desk. There will be multiple prizes and the raffle will be drawn at the end of the event.




As of 7:00pm this evening, Cygnus Alpha has sold out. Thank you to everyone who has bought a ticket and I hope you all make it "Down and safe" to the venue and enjoy the day.



The final guest* to join us on the day is Nikki Busford. Nikki worked as an extra on Blake's 7 in many episodes but is mainly remembered for playing Servalan's Mutoid Aide in 'Moloch'. She has also worked on Doctor Who as an extra

There will be an extra charge of £5.00 for Nikki's autograph on the day as she is a sponsored guest.

*or is she?



I am happy to announce the first of the sponsored guests for the event. Joining us is Mike Mungarvan who worked on the show as supporting artist. Mike appeared in 'The Way Back', 'Space Fall', 'Redemption', 'Gambit', 'Traitor' and 'Blake'.

Other credits include Doctor Who (various episodes) and Star Wars as a Storm Trooper. There will be an extra charge of £5.00 per autograph from Mike and is not included in the ticket price.



One of the extra things happening during the day will be the 'Official Book Launch' for "Blake's Heaven- Maximum Fan-Power". Publisher JR Southall will be joined by the editor, John Davies and contributor Cliff Chapman will be signing copies. If you already have your copy, bring it along and they will gladly sign it for you for free. There will be copies for sale at the event or you can order your copy from...



There are only 10 tickets remaining for the event! Book your ticket now and you will still be able to get a Josette Simon autograph for £10. This offer has been extended until Friday 16th May. Personal items must reach me by Saturday 17th May.



The event will be raising money for Parkinson's UK. This is a cause and charity very close to my heart.

There will be multiple prizes, including 1 'MEGA PRIZE'. Tickets will cost £1.00 per ticket or £2.00 a strip of tickets. 

For more information about Parkinson's and Parkinson's UK, go to



One of the most exciting things to take away with you from an event is a photo with the guests. Every guest will be taking part in the photo studio and there will be three options to choose from...

Option 1... An 8x10 print with one of the guests will cost £5.00

Option 2... An 8x10 print with two of the guests will cost £10.00

Option 3... An 8x10 'Mini Group Shot' will cost £15.00. This will be a shot with all of the actors from that part of the day.

You will need to purchase photo studio tokens from the information desk. You then pass these over at the studio in exchange for your photo. Presentation wallets can be purchased for £1.00 and Jpegs can be sent to you for £3.00. You will need to buy these from the photo studio.


It's been a while but I have been working hard behind the scenes on the event. After consulting with Orac, I can now announce that Sally Knyvette who played 'Jenna' will be teleporting* in to join in on the fun at the event. To make things even better for everyone, Sally will be an inclusive guest which will mean you will get two autographs from her.

So to confirm that so far you will be getting a staggering 26 autographs, onstage interviews, access to the original costume display, professional photo studio and a comfortable chair!

I am still working on other surprises which I hope to announce very soon, however there are 2 surprises which has been arranged which will not be revealed until the event.

* She will not be teleporting in!


Our next guest is a lady who has never done an event before! Making her convention debut is Vivienne Cozens. Vivienne directed the episodes "Games" and "Sand", both of which are fan favourites! 


A quick update regarding the private signings we have taking place with Chris Boucher and Josette Simon.

All items and orders for Chris Boucher must be placed by Friday 17th April. If you are sending in your own items they MUST reach us by this date or they will not be signed.

Items for Josette Simon must be placed by Saturday 9th of May and all personal items MUST reach us by Monday 11th May or they will not be signed.

All items will be ready for you at the event and those of you who are not able to make the event, your items will be sent to you shortly after the event. 


We are ready to announce our next guest! Gareth Thomas will be teleporting* in for the event. Gareth Is best known for playing 'Blake'. Other memorable credits include Children of the Stones and Torchwood just to name a few.

*He wont really be teleporting in, but he will be at the event. Sorry!


Stand by for an amazing opportunity for all attendees! We have been talking with actress Josette Simon OBE and sadly she is unable to attend the event due to personal and professional commitments.

However not all is lost! Josette has agreed to a private signing for attendees of the event.

Each signature will cost only £10 and will be ready for you when you arrive at the event. So send your things in and order your prints. Links for this offer will go live on on Monday 23rd of March in Orac's Shop which can be found in the tickets section on the website.

People not attending the event will be able to take part in this signing but it will cost £15 per signature and your items will be sent after the event.


We are pleased to announce that Stephen Grief will be joining us for Cygnus Alpha. Stephen played 'Travis' before Brian Croucher took over the role. 

Hats, Frocks, and Leather

What would you wear if you were trying to catch the most dangerous people in the Galaxy? Well Blake's 7 showed us all how to do it with style! 

Some of the iconic costumes will be on display at the event. These are the costumes that will be on display...

Jenna's maroon & grey leather jacket (season 2)

Avon's green jacket from 'Harvest of Kairos'.

Soolin's grey jumpsuit with diagonal blue beading from 'Assassin' to 'Blake'

Servalan's white dress

Coser's black velvet gown from 'Weapon

Roy Kinnear's red costume from 'Gold'

Android costume from 'Headhunter'.

Lynda Bellingham's costume from 'Headhunter'

Jenna's black dress from 'Gambit'

Franton's grey costume from 'Children of Auron'

Avon's brown outfit from 'Ultraworld'

Menial costume from 'Ultraworld'

Avon's red lobster outfit

Avon's dark blue leather, with studs.

Avon's black/silver jumpsuit from series 4

With thanks to Jackie and Garry


We are please to announce that Adrienne Burgess has agreed to join us at the event. Adrienne played 'Hanna' in the episode 'Shadow'. Before Blake's 7, Adrienne appeared in the same Doctor Who story as Michael Keating, 'The Sunmakers'.


Limited Private Signing offer!

Sadly Chris Boucher who was the Script editor for every episode and wrote several stories is unable to join us at the event. However Chris has kindly agreed to sign items for fans. Each signature will cost £10. This will include postage up to the weight of 2kg!

Chris will also be signing a selection of photos, which will cost £10. These can be ordered in the same way and will be available to purchase at the event.

Orders/Items must reach us by April the 3rd. Items received after this date will not be signed!

Items will be sent out during May or you will be able to pick up you items at the event itself when you arrive at the venue.

If you require a dedication or any have any specific requests (EG Silver pen) please put that in the notes section on the Paypal order form.

If you are ordering from outside the UK, please email us first so we can inform you of the price difference.

Click on the below Paypal button to place your order.


What is the most important thing at a convention? The guests? The autographs? Having a comfortable seat or maybe the bar?

The Lost Theatre has a really good bar and better still you can fins out the prices by following this link...

Download the Bar 208 Menu



Because we want this to be the best Blake's 7 Convention, we have consulted with Orac and Slave and we can now announce that there will be 12 inclusive guests instead of the original 9! That means for your £45* ticket price you will be getting a total of 24 signatures! That works out at £1.88 per autograph! How amazing is that? So if you have been hovering over the purchase button, stop hovering and hit the button and get your ticket now!

*This will not include any sponsored guests who may be attending on the day. Also please remember that as of April 1st the cost of tickets will increase to £50.00.


Our next guest is the actor Michael Gaunt. Michael has 4 Blake's 7 credits and some of you may remember him from his JACKANORY story telling. 


We are happy to announce that our next guest is Andrew Morgan. Andrew directed the episode 'Children of Auron'. Doctor Who fans might be interested to know that Andrew directed two Doctor Who stories, 'Time and the Rani' and 'Remembrance of the Daleks'.


Our next guest has been announced but you will need to follow us on Twitter to find out! Hit the tweet button above and find out who it is!


The Fourth and Fifth guests are announced! Mat Irvine who was a Visual Effects Designer on various episodes will be joining us. Mat will be bringing along some original models to display at the event. Mat also worked on Doctor Who as a Visual Effects Designer.

Joining Mat is the actor Michael Keating. Michael played Vila in Blake's 7 and still plays the part to this day in the Big Finish Audio range. Michael also appeared in Doctor Who as Groudry in The Sunmakers and can be seen playing the Vicar in Eastenders. 


Our third guest is Michael Mackenzie. Michael played 'Dainer' in Space Fall.


Our second guest is the writer Trevor Hoyle. Trevor wrote the episode "Ultraworld". He also wrote several Blake's 7 novelisations.


Cygnus Alpha is launched! Full event details and tickets are now available. First Guest announced! Take a look at the Guests page. 

This event is 100% unofficial event and is not supported or endorsed by the copyright holders. Terms & Conditions Apply. Guests subject to work commitments. You must attend the event to claim the autographs from the guests. In the unlikely event of the event being cancelled all ticket holders will be contacted individually and refunds will be issued subject to administration charges. Tickets will grant the holder admittance to the event, admittance to the interviews and two autographs from each guest in attendance on the day*. Tickets may not be sold on to a third party.  The organiser and venue do not accept responsibilty for any loss or damage to property whilst you are at the event. Timings may be changed before the event and during the event without any notice.

*Unless the guest is sponsored