A Gladiators Weekend Convention

9th-10th March 2019
The Holiday Inn, Brentford Lock, London

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The Arena - Cancelled!

Due of a range of different factors, The Arena is having to be cancelled. The main reason for this decision is due to ticket sales not achieving the required amount to make the event financially viable.



This is not a decision that has been taken lightly and like you, we are very disappointed.

We would like to thank the Gladiators who agreed to appear at the event and thank you to people who bought tickets.



We are overjoyed to announce that Mike Lewis AKA Saracen will be meeting fans at The Arena on the 9th -10th March 2019 at The Holiday Inn, Brentford Lock, London.

Saracen is remembered for being the king of swing with only ever allowing one contender to reach his platform during Hang Tough.

Since leaving Gladiators, Mike became a London Fire Fighter.

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It is with great excitement that we are able to announce that Michael Willson AKA Cobra will be appearing at The Arena, taking place on the 9th-10 March 2019 at the Holiday Inn, Brentford Lock, London.

Cobra is remembered for his cheeky smile, high-kicks and splits.

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We are more than happy to announce that Nikki Diamond AKA Scorpio will be appearing at The Arena over the weekend of the 9th - 10th March 2019.

Nikki was the first person to be offered a contract on Gladiators and went on to take down a contender or two on Powerball and The Wall. Nikki has been an actress, model and has recently been teaching tai chi and kung fu.

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It is with get excitement that we are able to announce that  Diane Youdale AKA Jet will be joining us for The Arena over the weekend of 9th-10th March 2019.

Diane entertained the public as Jet whist on Gladiators and broke the hearts of many young male fans! Since leaving Gladiators she trained in psychotherapy and still finds time to appear on our TV screens.

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We are excited to announce that James Crossley, AKA Hunter, will be the first Gladiator joining us at The Arena in March 2019.

In 1999 James battled it out with his co-stars to become the Ultimate Gladiator, now he's London's Strongest man, a fitness writer and presenter and is showing us how to be fit at 40.

Join us at The Arena to meet James and celebrate this fan favorite.


Gladiator... Ready?

Do you have the speed, the strength, the heart to be a winner?It's not for beginners.
Deep down in your soul... Are you a Gladiator?

Cygnus Alpha Events are proud to announce 'The Arena', a weekend convention celebrating the 90's ITV show, Gladiators.

This relaxed event will be taking place on Saturday 9th March to Sunday 10th March 2019 at The Holiday Inn, Brentford Lock, London.

At the event, you will have to opportunity to receive 2 autographs from the Gladiators (with the option to purchase more, if you wish) and have your photo taken with them by our professional photographer*. But not only that! There will be on stage interviews, conducted by an interviewer and you will be able to ask your favorite Gladiator a question as well.

There are two types of tickets available:

CONTENDER TICKET: This costs £135. This will give you access to the interviews and two autographs from the Gladiators, Access to the Saturday night entertainment and access to the Photo studio*.

GLADIATOR TICKET:  This costs £165. This gives you the same as a Contender ticket plus a 3 course carvery style evening meal.

All tickets have to option for you to spread the cost over 6 months by Standing Order or you can purchase tickets in full via PayPal or Bank Transfer.

*Photo studio charges will apply.


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Terms and Conditions

All Cygnus Alpha Events are 100% unofficial events and are not supported or endorsed by the copyright holders. Terms & Conditions Apply. Guests subject to work commitments. You must attend the event to claim the autographs from the guests. In the unlikely event of the event being cancelled all ticket holders will be contacted individually and refunds will be issued subject to administration charges. Tickets will grant the holder admittance to the event, admittance to the interviews and the stated number of inclusive autographs from each guest in attendance on the day*. Tickets may not be sold on to a third party.  The organiser and venue do not accept responsibility for any loss or damage to property whilst you are at the event. Timings may be changed before the event and during the event without any notice.

*Unless the guest is sponsored, therefore an extra charge will be applied.