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Frequently Asked



The events are run by Ian Kubiak of Cygnus Alpha Events. The events are supported by a team of like minded people who are fans of the show that is being celebrated at the event on the day.

If you have any questions please email us. We look forward to seeing you at one of our events.


To claim the inclusive autographs at the event you will need to hand over your schedule to the assistant sat next to the guest. They will mark off your schedule once you have had your inclusive autographs. Attendees will be called in ticket number order to obtain autographs.

Extra autographs can be purchased in advance from the information desk. Prices will vary from £5.00 to £20.00 per autograph per guest at our events. You will be given a “Credit Token”, which you then hand over to the assistant who will be sat next to the guest in order to obtain your extra signature.

A selection of 8x10 photos will be on sale from the information desk. These will cost £5.00 each. There will also be limited posters and other items. These will be available from the information desk during the day at the events.


An onsite photo studio will take place at our events. Here you will be able to have your photograph taken alongside a guest, which is then printed at a size of 8x10. You will be able to collect your print 1 hour later. There will also be options to have your photo taken with groups of guests who are appearing at the event. Prices start from £15 per picture and please note that only a maximum of 2 attendees per photo.

“I can’t make the event!”

If you wish to get something signed by one of our guests or you would like a dedicated photo but can’t make the event, please visit the Cygnus Shop

Terms and Conditions

All events are 100% unofficial events and are not supported or endorsed by the copyright holders. Terms & Conditions Apply. Guests subject to work commitments. You must attend the event to claim the autographs from the guests. Tickets are non refundable, unless in the unlikely event of the event being cancelled. All ticket holders will be contacted individually and refunds will be issued subject to administration charges. Tickets will grant the holder admittance to the event, admittance to the interviews and 1 or 2 autographs from each guest in attendance on the day, depending on type of ticket purchased*. Tickets may not be sold on to a third party.

The Ticket holder must be in attendance to claim inclusive autographs and tickets are limited to one per person.The organiser and venue do not accept responsibility for any loss or damage to persons or property whilst you are at the event. Timings and guests may be changed before the event and during the event without any notice.

Filming at the event is not permitted without the permission of the event orginiser.

*Unless the guest is sponsored

2020 Update:

When purchasing a ticket to virtual events taking place over the Zoom video calling platform, you are giving your consent to having the video uploaded to the Cygnus Alpha YouTube channel at at later date and will remain indefinitely on the YouTube channel.

The recording of any Zoom Chat is not permitted. Zoom chats are recorded by Cygnus Alpha Events LTD.

Matrix Moments Zoom Chat videos are for personal use only and these are not permitted to be uploaded to any website or social media platform.

Zoom links and passwords may not be shared or sold on to third parties. Anyone found to be doing this will not be allowed access into the Zoom chats and refunds will not be given.

Anybody using inappropriate, defamatory or discriminate language will be removed from the online discussions and no refunded will be given.

It is the ticket holders personal responsibility to ensure they have Zoom and a suitable internet connection. Cygnus Alpha Events LTD cannot offer any help or support with this.

Cygnus Alpha Events LTD does not accept any responsibility in relation to the quality of the Zoom discussions

All events must achieve the minimum number of ticket sales in order to make the event financially viable. If this target is not achieved, the event may be cancelled and a full refund will be given. 

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