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April 2024

To celebrate the release of Doctor Who Season 15 The Collection Box Set, Cygnus Alpha Events have arranged a private autograph signing session with Tom Baker.

Tom will be signing personal items as well as 10x8 photos..

Tom will be dedicating items with people's names but will not be signing any messages.

Orders close Wednesday 3rd of April 2024, 7pm UK time.


Personal items must arrive no later than Saturday 6th April 2024.

Please ensure that all disks and slip cases are removed from Blu-Ray box sets.

Items will be returned using Royal Mail Special Delivery.

Personal items will cost £50.00 per item to be signed.


We have a selection 10x8 photos which will cost an additional £5.00 each.


There will be an additional charge of £5.00 per item applied to international orders to account for the exchange rates.

Click on the below images to place your order. Payment must be received within 24 hours of receiving the PayPal request.

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