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Welcome to Cygnus Alpha Events

For some people, small, beautiful events are what life is all about!"


The Doctor - Earthshock

Cygnus Alpha Events are known for orginising Doctor Who conventions and events where people arrive as fans and leave as friends.


Our events take place at various locations within the UK, usually at venue that featured in a Doctor Who. We also host events over the ZOOM video platform.

As well as orgninising our own events, we also provide bonus or sponsored guests at other events throughout the UK and beyond and private autograph signing sessions

Please see below for our upcoming events and click on the below tabs to be taken to the event webpage and get your tickets and more.


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A one day Doctor Who event taking place at The Temple of Peace, Cardiff.

The Temple of Peace has been used as a location in the Doctor Who stories, The End Of The World, Gridlock, The Fires Of Pompeii, Cold Blood, Lets Kill Hitler and Nightmare in Silver. It also featured in the Season 22 blue ray trailer, The Eternal Mystery.

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