A Virtual Doctor Who Convention

On Zoom

30th August 2020

Following on from our successful virtual Blake's 7 event in May 2020, Cygnus Alpha Events is now entering the Doctor Who universe and is excited to announce "Spearhead", a virtual Doctor Who event taking place over the Zoom video chat platform. 

There have been many virtual Doctor Who events since lock down and social distancing started back in March 2020. They have been amazing in bringing fans together but we want to bring fans and people from the Doctor Who universe together, as if it was a normal event and we are offering this unique opportunity. We will giving fans the chance to talk with people from Doctor Who, see brand new live interviews and get autographs, just like at a normal event. All that is missing is the bar, unfortunately!

So why not join us on 30/08/2020 and join in the fun and connect with fellow fans, along with some very special guests!

Tickets for the event will cost £30.00 which will give you access to 4 live Zoom interview chats taking place during the day. Tickets are limited to 95

The first interview will start at 10:00am. Access to the Zoom chat room will start from 09:30am and the event will finish at 5:45pm.


As with many conventions and events, we will be offering smaller, intimate conversations along with the chance to ask questions with the guests who are taking part. We are calling these "Matrix Moments".

Each Matrix Moment will cost £15.00 and will be limited to 10 attendees. Each Matrix Moment session will last for 50 minutes and you will need to have purchased a ticket for Spearhead in order to buy a ticket for these.


We are also offering the opportunity for attendees to purchase dedicated 10 x 8 photos from all of the guests. You can also get your own items signed by sending them into us.  Scroll down the page to order your autographs.

Signed items will be returned within 28 days after the event.

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Confirmed Guests

Zoom Chat

Zoom Chat

Zoom Chat

Zoom Chat


Nabil Shaban


Vengeance on Varos


Big Finish

Devil Seed of Arodor

Madhav Sharma


Frontier in Space

Sophie Aldred


7th Doctor Companion


Philip Martin


Vengeance on Varos


Big Finish

Devil Seed of Arodor




(All times are GMT)


Spearhead Zoom room opens for registration.

Full schedule will be released on on 23/08/2020

Matrix Moments

Matrix Moments are smaller and informal Zoom chats. Each Matrix Moment is limited to 10 people and costs £15.00 per session. A request for payment will be sent via PayPal and as soon as funds are received, a confirmation email will be sent. These will go on sale on 16/08/2020 at midday

Please ensure that you have purchased a ticket for Spearhead before purchasing Matrix Moments.

Spearhead Autographs

All of our guests will be signing autographs.

These will be 10 x 8 photos dedicated to you or you can send your own item to us to get signed.

Please note that we cannot accept items no lager than A3. However, we will accept Blu Ray Box sets.

Personal items must arrive  to us by no later than Friday 28th of August 2020.

Please allow up to 28 days for signed items to be returned to you via first class recorded mail.

If you live outside of the UK, please email to ask about postage costs.

Please complete the below order form and we will send you a PayPal invoice. Once funds are received, you will receive a confirmation email and we will give you an address to send your items to.
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